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Elementary – Prepared for the 21st Century

Our program curriculum is research-based designed by qualified educationists with key principles such as experiential learning, inquiry, story-telling and creativity. Students in the elementary section are given the freedom to explore and inquire to cultivate the joy of learning. The faculty’s mission is to inspire our students to achieve their highest potential through interactive learning such as hands-on activities, extracurriculars and field trips. Students are prepared for the global world as they critically apply their knowledge, learn about their own cultural heritage, foreign languages and the international environment.

Art & Creative Expression

At Aster, motivation is the real element of learning. Children have a variety of opportunities to creatively express themselves and cultivate their imagination without judgement. We implement this by providing children with various experiences, such as field-trips, theatre/play, art compositions and drama classes.


Children learn Math through the international Mastery approach.  With hands on activities and experiential learning moving from concrete knowledge to pictorial and then abstract concepts. Teachers plan engaging activities to explore a variety of topics and not just rote learning. Every topic is learned at the same pace for each student until they develop full understanding of conceptual knowledge of math.

Story-telling, Language and Literacy

We want our students to form a life-long passion for literature. From early years to elementary, Aster days are filled with story-telling and reading several international resourced books with beautiful illustrations.  At Aster, children reflect on the reading process, communicate, share their ideas and debate on various topics. A fun, friendly environment where children can develop their language skills positively.

Scientific Discovery and Inquiry

Children work collaboratively with an inquiry approach. Their inner curiosity about the world and how it works are encouraged to develop the basics of scientific exploration and investigations. Children have an intrinsic interest for science and engineering which is further enhanced by presenting concrete materials. We want to instill the wonder and enthusiasm for science that will leave a blueprint for the rest of their lives.

World Affairs

The world is more global than ever before. Students learn about the history, culture, politics and socio-economic development of all regions to develop as conscious global citizens. Be informed by their own cultural heritage but also other societies, civilizations, cultural and social differences. They form challenging and analytical idea about the world that they live in. Nurturing wonder, curiosity and interest for various topics.

Islamic Education

Children learn about the roots of Islam and learn about religion in a loving way. They learn daily duas, listen to stories of prophets and form for role models to lead their lives. Children instill the understanding of religion from early onwards.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Children have a chance to explore new ideas and interests that are beyond academics. With fun and engaging activities that build leadership skills, motivation, collaboration and ultimately leading to physical development. Activities include swimming, gymnastics, robotics/coding, pottery, foreign languages such as Arabic and much more.

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