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Welcome to The Aster School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The Aster School

We are thrilled that you are considering Aster for your child. We look forward to partnering with you on their journey. When your child enrols at Aster, they become more than our students, they become a member of our family.

At Aster, we believe in academic excellence and experiential learning. We believe in, “Whatever it Takes!”

  • Every Child Is A Unique Individual.
  • Choice-Based, Inquiry-Based and Play-Based Learning.
  • We Follow the Child.
  • The Environment Plays an Important Role in Education.
Our Program


Our preschool curriculum is 4-year research-based learning program which includes:

  1. Play Group (1.5 years – 2.5 years)
  2. CASA Environment (2.5 – 5.5 years)

Elementary School

This is the first step a child takes into formal education. Students should be encouraged and motivated to be curious, develop a love for learning and overcome fear.

Our curriculum introduces students to all essential subjects to create well-rounded individuals prepared for the world.


The Aster School offers a number of activities suitable for appropriate age-groups that take place during and after school hours.

We also offer after-school programs for children who are not enrolled on campus.

Our Approach

W - Wonder

At Aster, learning is not mechanical but a meaningful task and promotes the innate desire to WONDER – Sparking curiosity & investigation. Our children become conscious learners and active participants in their learning process.

D - Discover

It is a hands-on and interactive approach to learning – To find solutions to problems with resources presented by the facilitator.

Our teachers are trained professionals who ensure that each child is actively engaged. We follow children at their pace as they make discoveries.

I - Inquire

Why do stars twinkle? Why is it raining? Why do we yawn?

Our students are little scientists and intellectual thinkers. At Aster, we nurture curious minds and encourage students to map their paths and make discoveries. A process of formulating hypotheses, experimentation, discussion, and leading to a conclusion.

E - Enjoy

Happiness is our biggest asset!

We encourage children to smile, laugh, be silly, and be completely at ease. We ensure that students are intrinsically motivated to learn. They enjoy coming to school as they actively take part in play and learning.


At Aster, we encourage kids to explore, create, pretend, imagine and learn from trial and error.


We nurture curious minds, and encourage children to ask questions, learn new things every day and be open to exciting discoveries of all kinds.


We provide the opportunity to children to map their own path, and make their own discoveries — they learn the value of exploring and stumbling upon joy on their own terms.


Happiness is our biggest asset! We encourage children to smile, laugh, be silly and be completely at ease.

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