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Welcome to The Aster School!
Here, Learning is Magical
Welcome to the Aster School! 

A one of its kind educational institution in Pakistan which is inspired by research-based educational practices such as Montessori, the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, and the Finnish school system. We are a school that is very much focused on your child and his or her progress across their time here. Currently we have Toddler Group – Grade 9 and are increasing one grade level each year with the aim of becoming an O Levels school by 2024.  

Founding The Aster School has been a dream come true for me. I had realized the importance of early years education and the lack of it in Pakistan once I returned from the UK after completing my higher education. This realization made me set out to establish an institution that provided a student-centered and educational environment to help develop young minds. It would focus exclusively on the vital age of learning and development which has an astounding impact on later accomplishments. 

We at the Aster School aim to make your child a well-rounded, caring, and understanding individual who can use 21st-century skills and ideas taught within our facility to thrive in the world beyond. To do this the Aster School is filled with dedicated staff and personnel from the teachers and directors down to the domestic help to ensure that your child learns those vital life skills to prepare them for life. Myself and Aster’s group of directors come from a wide educational background with the single realization that every student is unique and should be given a unique curriculum to focus on their strengths to become the best possible version of themselves. We teach more than just academics and sports; we teach how to thrive! 

To do this, we use the environment, a natural teacher to hone a student’s innate curiosity about the world around them and to stimulate learning and growth through tried and tested methods. We are a school that cares about the student’s mental and physical wellbeing and aspires to give your child the skills and opportunities to be whoever they choose to be. I believe that us and our most esteemed partners, the parents are the perfect role models to help promote healthy behaviors and skills that the children will emulate. 

I am incredibly honored that you have considered Aster School in the search for your child’s education. I hope you will find this website informative and will choose to get your child and yourself involved in the magical and vibrant Aster Community. 

Thank you and best wishes, 

Falak Shaikhani 

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