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The Aster Parental Community is a close-knit family which is built on respect, trust and transparency. Over the years, we have gathered tremendous support and positive feedback from our parents. These testimonials will provide you an insight regarding our methodology.

Nazya Noor Mukaty
CASA & Toddler Environment Parent

Sending my two youngest boys Aster School has been and IA will continue to be an amazing experience. My boys have fallen in love with the school and have learnt so much from it from numbers to words, to daily life practical skills like watering a plant or cleaning up the mess they made afterwards. The close-knit community the school fosters with teachers and parents has proved to be an important scaffolding to help children develop and grow. I think Aster is a new star in the world of preschool education and am hopeful that it will provide my boys the skills they need academically and practically to succeed in their future. I wish Aster all the best and would completely recommend Aster for all the new parents.

Ayesha Abdullah
Toddler Environment Parent

An amazing school! My daughter has been going to Aster for the past 1.5 years and she’s been in love with the teachers from day 1. Every morning she asks when we are going back to school but at the moment she’s making do with online classes which have been very thoughtfully curated according to children’s needs.  Any assistance required is only a message away and they’ve been very accommodating and understanding. When the school got hold of the information that I’m expecting they immediately got in touch with me as my elder one would also be entering a new phase of her life and because it can be hard for kids to deal with a new sibling. They offered to read out stories and help cope with the situation when the newborn has arrived which is very thoughtful of them. So much more to say about this amazing school but I’m just going to leave it here.

Nida S.Fahad
Toddler Environment Parent

We came across The Aster School and decided to pay a visit out of the blue. Little did we know it’ll become a second home to us!

My daughter Manha joined Toddler Group in April of 2018 and since then, the incredibly cooperating faculty at Aster always made sure we were made aware of her everyday progress with the help of Hi-Mama app. We enjoyed looking at her photos and updating every single day, it has been very joyful. What I love about Falak and Manha’s class teachers, is that they have been so open with us regarding everything that went around in the classroom. We felt at ease at all times because of the feasibility we had, we could contact any time and take advice regarding our toddler, even for home. Aster’s overall environment, friendly teachers and staff, playground, school trips and the animal pets inside the campus- have been really a joyful experience for Manha and us.

We’ll recommend this school to all the parents who are looking for an exceptionally well maintained and a magical space for their kids! All the best to The Aster School.

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