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Our Philosophy

Our motto is “Whatever it Takes!” and we wholeheartedly embrace the power of it.

We are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel academically, shine on the sports field, practice mindfulness, embrace cutting-edge 21st-century skills, and become ambassadors of climate consciousness.

Each aspect is cherished and given the utmost importance, ensuring that our graduates are fully equipped to embrace life’s exhilarating challenges and seize the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.

Our Vision (W.I.D.E):

Our students are encouraged to Wonder, Inquire, Discover, and Explore. This allows them to become critical thinkers, have strong characters, and think outside the box.  We also teach them empathy, respect for all, and resilience through mindfulness.


Preschool (Toddlers to Casa level 3)
Elementary (Grades 1-4)
Middle School (Grade 5-7)
High School (Grade 8-11)

Our Mission

Our mission is to build well-rounded and confident students prepared for life.

This is implemented through a research-based curriculum designed by qualified educationists and collaborating with the parental community.

Skills and Experience
Play Experiencing Joy
Curiosity, Inquiry and Wonder That Leads to Discovery
Honesty, Truthfulness in Thought and Action
Confidence & Believing in Oneself to Reach Highest Potential
Courage & Determination Care for The Environment & Sustainability
Kindness, Patience, Respect & love
Become Life-Long Learners
Love for community locally and globally
Gratitude & Appreciation
Inclusivity, Empathy and Accepting Diversity
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