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Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to create an academically-rich environment where students are at the center of their learning journey

With the spirit of a trailblazing learner-centric curriculum, Aster students are encouraged to inquire, reflect, and explore the world that surrounds them. A phenomenal educational experience that pushes students to be intellectual thinkers, informed decision-makers, and innovative problem-solvers in the 21st century. 

 In our preschool level, we have an emergent curriculum that is tailored to meet the developmental needs of each child. Our pedagogical approach is inspired by the Montessori approach. Where the environment, teacher, and student work hand-in-hand to create a strong foundation for self-directed experiential learning. Our teachers are ECE qualified professionals who work with high-quality materials and design plans to guarantee that learning is a joyful experience. Aster Teachers are role models, guides, and mentors who focus on the maximum potential of our students. 

Our Inquiry and project based learning philosophy encompasses throughout our elementary, middle, and high school level. We believe that students are not just passive recipients in the classrooms but active participants who act & reflect. The rigorous curriculum integrates academic, experiential, project-based learning, and extra-curricular activities. Our faculty aims to encourage our students to find their path and make independent choices because that is how decision-makers are born. Our students will be able to critically analyze information, discuss, and apply their knowledge in a real-life setting. As a result, students are engaged in the discipline, and most importantly, they develop a love for learning. 

At Aster, we believe in academic excellence and experiential learning. We believe in, “Whatever it Takes!” 
Every Learner Is A Unique Individual
Choice-Based, Inquiry-Based and Project-Based Learning
We Follow The Learner
The Environment Plays an Important Role in Education
Our Mission
Our mission is to build well-rounded and confident students prepared for life.

This is implemented through a research-based curriculum designed by qualified educationists and collaborating with the parental community.

Aster Values and Ethos
Play Experiencing Joy
Curiosity, Inquiry and Wonder That Leads to Discovery
Honesty, Truthfulness in Thought and Action
Confidence & Believing in Oneself to Reach Highest Potential
Courage & Determination Learners
Kindness, Patience, Respect & love
Become Life-Long Learners
Love for community locally and globally
Gratitude & Appreciation
Inclusivity, Empathy and Accepting Diversity
Care for The Environment & Sustainability
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