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Introducing Team Aster, where we bring together a group of extraordinary individuals driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for making a difference. As a team, we believe in harnessing our collective strengths to achieve remarkable results and create a positive impact in everything we do. With unwavering dedication and a collaborative spirit, we strive to reach new heights and exceed expectations.

Falak Shaikhani
Founder & Director

Falak Shaikhani, the visionary behind The Aster School, possesses an unwavering passion for effecting positive change in Pakistan’s education system. Her extensive training in early childhood education spans Finland, the UK, and Dubai. Furthermore, she has completed her Certificate of Educational Leadership from Harvard University.

Her ideology:

“Drawing inspiration from the Montessori, Finnish, and Reggio Emilia approaches, I believe in the paramount importance on addressing student needs and abilities. With a firm belief in the transformative power of quality education, Aster has the potential to change lives. Embracing the motto “Whatever it takes!”, we create a childhood filled with happiness and a future full of success for young learners.

Aster is founded on the commitment to go above and beyond in creating an integrated learning approach where academics, mental well-being, sports and eco-consciousness are embedded to create well-rounded individuals. Aligned with this dedication, our entire team shares the belief in giving their utmost, no matter the effort required.”

Kashan Iqbal

With an ACCA qualification to his name, Kashan Iqbal, and his extensive experience in advocating for quality education at the primary and secondary levels in Pakistan renders him a valuable addition to the Aster team. He firmly believes in the significance of providing children with quality education right from the early years, as he considers a strong foundation to be instrumental in shaping a child’s future.

His ideology:

“We have built Aster to help individuals realize their full potential. It is a place where along with core educational programs, we also impart values, principals and core social skills. Our experiential learning program is developed to help build your character, expand your mind and enrich your student life.”

Mughees Bilwani

Mughees Bilwani is an entrepreneur by profession. While his semester abroad at Monash University in Australia, he was exposed to very non-traditional teaching methods which encouraged him to explore it more. Mughees loves to try new things, he is an avid supporter of the use of technology and strongly believes in investing in Innovative Education Methods. He believes that people learn the most through real-life experiences which has influenced his philosophy for education: learning is not limited to a certain age, it is ever-flowing and continuous.

Nawaid Ali

Nawaid Ali, who serves as a director at Aster, has an impressive teaching career spanning over two decades. Widely recognized as one of Karachi’s esteemed Physics instructors, his extensive experience and expertise as an educator have played a vital role in the growth of Aster. He firmly believes that every educational institution should strive to create a nurturing and enriching environment that fosters the holistic development of students.

His ideology:

“We have implemented an exceptional Experiential Learning Program that alleviates the need for additional after-school tuition, freeing you from unnecessary pressures and burdens. When we say we work with you, we genuinely mean it in every aspect. Our unwavering motivation is to provide you with support and effective teaching.

Not only are we enhancing your learning journey, but we are also actively shaping your future. We are dedicated to paving the way for your brightest and most promising future, setting you on a path toward success.”

Omer Altaf

Omer Altaf, an ACCA holder, serves as a dedicated director at Aster, working passionately to foster growth and development for both the institution and its students. As an educationist, he soon realized that there existed even greater potential within every child. This realization emphasized to him the importance of innovative pedagogy during the early years, as it equips children with invaluable skills for an ever-changing world.

His ideology:

“At Aster, we have meticulously crafted our academic curriculum, mental health awareness programs, extracurricular activities, and out-of-classroom learning initiatives with the aim of enhancing self-confidence, instilling vital life skills, fostering networking abilities, and cultivating resilient character traits.

By the time you complete your journey at Aster and graduate, you will possess the necessary tools and capabilities to confidently navigate demanding situations and emerge triumphant. We ensure that you are well-prepared to tackle challenges head-on and achieve success in every endeavor.”

Salman Mustafa

Salman Mustafa holds an MSc in Economics. It is his belief that by actively working towards alternate, innovative teaching methodologies and spaces, educators, such as those at Aster, can drive a crucial change in the country’s education system. Let’s read his ideology:

“Aster stands alongside you with unwavering determination, providing unwavering support throughout your journey. We encourage your curiosity, embrace your daring choices, and foster your imaginative thinking. We are more than just a school; we are the epitome of educational excellence, empowering you to realize your true potential and become the person you are destined to be.”

Shehroz Iqbal

Shehroz Iqbal holds an ACCA and now works as an educationist in Pakistan. The driving force behind Aster is his vision to revolutionize the education system in Pakistan. He firmly believes that the early stages of a child’s education hold immense significance for their growth and development. Recognizing the existing flaws in the current early education system, he acknowledges its incompatibility with our rapidly evolving world. As a director at Aster, his objective is to create a system that empowers children and helps them excel in their abilities.

His ideology:

“Every individual holds a set of unique skills, some talent, and a drive to excel. At Aster, we identify your strengths and help unleash your drive and ambitions. We do so by providing tailored experiences and beyond-the-classroom learning to equip you with abilities that bring your hidden genius forward.”

Zarak Mushtaq

Zarak Mushtaq is a firm believer in crafting an educational framework that goes beyond blindly adhering to traditional teaching methods that have been unquestioned for ages. As an educationist and director at Aster, he is motivated to develop a pedagogy that recognizes the uniqueness of every child.

With this vision for Aster, he emphasizes the importance of early childhood education in fostering creative expression, allowing children to explore their individuality, and enabling them to flourish into well-rounded individuals with a sense of contentment and joy.

His ideology:

“Excellence is what defines us. Giving back to society, supporting your peers, and excelling academically is exactly what Aster does.”

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