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Preschool Extracurricular

At Aster, our preschooler’s schedule has equal time given to learning and outdoor fun. At this age, it is important for a child to develop gross motor skills, and freedom of movement, learn hands-on about nature, and get to experience different sports.
Our extracurricular program for preschool has been carefully designed with the following features:

Outdoor play

Children enjoy outdoor sports every day where they get to play in the jungle gym and water/sand area which develops gross motor skills


Dedicated lessons to teach the basics of tennis and develop hand-eye coordination


Soccer lessons are also offered which develops a sense of teamwork between children, develops freedom of movement and focus


Is offered from Casa Level 1 onwards, every week. Children learn the art of flexibility, free motion and develop enhanced balance.


Our preschoolers enjoy weekly swimming lessons which are offered from Casa Level 3 onwards. We conduct separate classes for boys and girls with expertly trained coaches, male and female. Lifeguards are always on duty, male and female.

Annual Sports Day

Our Toddlers and Casa students are also trained for the annual sports day where they take part in races and fun sports activities.

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