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Aster is currently accepting application for the following:

1. Classroom teachers for early years
All experienced teachers, who are excited to join the Aster family, those who are passionate educators, those who love researching and think they can never learn enough are welcome to apply.
2. Teaching assistants
The perfect job for individuals committed to helping others learn, and are constantly engaged in learning themselves!
3. Nurses
Open to all trained nurses who believe health and hygiene are absolute priorities!
4. Art teacher for early years
If you are trained in teaching art skills, are passionate about creative expression, and helping others realize their creativity, you are welcome to apply!
5. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teachers for early years
An opening for trained teachers who recognize the importance of building a great foundation for future learning.
If interested in the openings detailed above, please fill out the following form:

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    Alternatively, you can also reach us at careers@theasterschool.com
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