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Winter Wonderland

The Aster School hosts the magical Winter Wonderland every year to celebrate the winter season. The thought behind it was inspired by London’s iconic Winter Wonderland with an array of activities that children can learn from such as the informative arctic zone to learn about animals in colder climates, a jungle with a fun story telling session, the children also experience artificial snowfall, delicious food stalls, games and much more. It is the best time for families to enjoy quality time in a productive environment that nurtures your child’s creative instincts.

Summer Fiesta

Just like Winter Wonderland, we host Summer Fiesta to celebrate the Summer Season. We believe summer brings a lot of joy with it and at Aster we celebrate with a number of activity-based projects. Children decorate kites, play games and take part in fun games. Prospective parents can also have a chance to meet our faculty and enjoy a campus tour while enjoying the fun-filled atmosphere.



Organizing workshops is a great way to increase parents and school interaction by building a community. Our community has one objective: To raise independent individuals who are prepared for life. We hold workshops and webinars not only for our parents but for prospective parents too. With topics ranging from Language development, movement and Practical-Life skills for students.

Our Summer Camp

During the end of the academic year The Aster School has designed a summer program so that students can continue their learning even through the holiday season. The Camp is filled with opportunities for our students to explore different interests such as Art, Cooking, Swimming, Gymnastics, Pottery, Yoga, Zumba etc.

Children explore different projects and optimize their interests and hobbies in a fun-filled environment.

When COVID-19 hit the nation, Aster created a free online platform for students to take part in different subjects ranging from Math, Science, Art, Language, Islamic studies and etc. Our teachers designed an excellent Summer curriculum for our students. It proves our motto of “Whatever it takes” as we believe in adapting to the environment to best serve our students.

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