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Our Learning Environment

The Aster School is a beautiful and thoughtfully designed building. There is an activity available that is ready to be explored all around our campus. Such as:


Swimming Pool

Here, children can learn to brave the water, especially designed to keep them safe and entertained, with the help of our swimming instructors.


Mountain Climbing Wall

The mountain climbing wall has been designed keeping in mind the immense energy and joy kids experience as they reach new heights, both literal and metaphorical.

Sand Play

Next to the jungle gym, we have a sand-play area. Students have a chance for construction-play and develop motor skills.

The best way to explore and have a chance for free-play!


Animal Zone

Here, children will learn to interact and have fun with various animals in a children-friendly environment. Aster strongly believes in encouraging children to respect other creatures, and learn compassion as they interact with them.

Library/IT Room

Home to hundreds of books sourced internationally from Finland, Holland, and the UK. The library is equipped with computers to introduce children to the world of technology when they are ready. Our preschool and elementary students enjoy the space to discuss, inquire, and learn about different subject matters.

Jungle Gym

The jungle gym at Aster is designed to help children utilize their endless energy in a healthy manner. The equipment at the jungle gym helps children develop confidence in physical activity, by providing opportunities to explore what they can do with their energy in different, creative ways.

Art Room

The Art room is a space where all the creativity is stored. Students have access to a number of resources to creatively express themselves.

With child-friendly paints, art corner and canvas painting, they have a chance to explore a variety of ideas and mediums.


Gymnastics Room

Learning how to coordinate and balance can be so much fun!

Gymnastics is the best technique for students to learn to lead, collaborate, and stay fit. We have qualified coaches and world-class equipment for our gymnasts. Be ready for future champions.

Water Play

Water-play is a favorite sensorial activity at Aster. It helps develop skills such as motor skills, language, math, and science. They splash, pour, play with toys- ships, ducks, and much more. It is a space filled with joy and discovery!

Farming Area

A unique feature of our campus is the farming area, where children learn to try out their farming skills. With the help of instructors, children will learn the fundamentals of farming, and see the value in reaping what they sow.
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