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Why Aster?

Our Learning Approach

Aster’s curriculum is a blend of research-based frameworks inspired by the Finnish schooling system and predominantly the Montessori method of learning.

Our Team Aster

We are a diverse team of dedicated, passionate, and qualified educationists who believe in creating an innovative and phenomenal educational experience for your child.

We aim to prepare our students for life!

Our ultimate goal is your child’s overall well-being and to develop conscious independent individuals prepared for the 21st century.

A collaboration between educators & parents

We believe parents and caregivers are the primary educators at home. When schools and families work together, our students thrive. We give the utmost value to parental feedback and queries to keep developing our program.

Outdoor learning

Our learning methods allow our students to explore their surroundings so that they can develop according to their own unique strengths and potential. This ensures that they are exploring something new every moment.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Children Participate in a variety of Extra-curricular activities. The Aster School offers a number of activities suitable for appropriate age-groups that take place during school hours.

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